President Carter visits my exhibition of 45 years of his political - and personal life. © 2018 Ken Hawkins/

President Carter Visits My Exhibition of….Jimmy Carter

I was honored to be invited to exhibit 37 platinum photographs at The Carter Center’s annual retreat and fundraiser at Washington’s Skamania Lodge resort. The event’s live auction brought in over 4.5 million dollars for the Center’s global humanitarian missions. Dana and I visited with old friends and renewed acquaintances from Georgia and Washington. It […]

Stanley_Cloud_Tries_to_Out _ Carter_Carter

Trying to Out-Carter Carter

In journalism, one of the things early learned is that a reporter or photographer should dress for the occasion that he or she is covering. If you’re working a State dinner at the White House, the appropriate garb is a tux…or at the minimum – a dark suit. You want to blend in. To be accepted […]