Stanley_Cloud_Tries_to_Out _ Carter_Carter

Trying to Out-Carter Carter

In journalism, one of the things early learned is that a reporter or photographer should dress for the occasion that he or she is covering. If you’re working a State dinner at the White House, the appropriate garb is a tux…or at the minimum – a dark suit. You want to blend in. To be accepted […]

Muhammad Ali faces off against Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson in a 1973 charity fundraiser in Atlanta, Georgia

Happy Birthday, Champ!

“The Greatest” turned 74 today. Happy birthday Champ! Over the years I’ve photographed Muhammad Ali in training, four title fights and the moment when his shaking hand lowered the torch that opened the 1996 Summer Olympics. My favorite moments though were when Ali was Ali and not the managed athlete. Like the time that Ali agreed […]